Canine Raw Food: Everything you need to know

Canine Raw Food: Everything you need to know

In general, dogs should consume approximately 2-5 percent of their weight in Canine Raw Food daily. It will differ based on the dog’s energy levels and activity level.

  • When your pet has a lot of weight, and you need to shed a few pounds, feed them close to 2 percent of their weight. Additionally, could you provide them with more exercise?
  • For a typical level of activity daily, 3% is fine.
  • If your pet’s overweight or has high activity levels, it is recommended that the pet eats a diet of 4% of the food should be given.
  • Like working dogs, highly active dogs require at least 5% body weight each day.

How much Canine Raw Food to feed a dog?

Feed about 2 to 3 percent of your dog’s body weight daily and divide this into two meals. For instance, for a dog that weighs 50 pounds, you will require 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of raw dog food for each meal.

 Active dogs or those who work might require more food, while smaller or less energetic “couch-potato” dogs may need less. To figure out the proper amount of food you feed your dog, you need to take the weight of your dog in pounds and divide it by:

If you’re feeding raw commercial dog food, select the right format to meet your dog’s requirements. For instance, medium- to large-sized dog owners like patties and chubs due to their larger size, while smaller dogs typically prefer smaller patties or medallions.

Canine Raw Food for puppies

Eat less than 5% of your body weight each day (about 1/4 lb for 10 lbs). It is possible to divide this into two or more, preferably 3 meals a day.

How many times to feed Canine Raw Food to your dog per day  

For adults, we’ve always suggested splitting the cooked food into two portions: morning and evening. But the information is changing. We know that the smaller the amount you use your gut, the healthier it seems. Under the best practices for fasting, we had begun to recommend that these two meals be eaten closer and closer and give the gut plenty of time to rest.

The latest research suggests that dogs could be healthier by eating only one meal daily. Studies show dogs seem to live longer when eating a single meal daily.

But I’d like to say that this study was conducted on dogs fed commercial dog food, the majority of which I would consider as toxic to the diet, so having the less high carb and insulin-spiking hell, or any at all, is better. This is a fascinating discovery. I’m now a one-meal-a-day man (at the very least, my dog.

When puppies are born, this advice is different. They consume so much food that it should be divided between meals, or they’ll explode! Puppies between 4 and 12 weeks should eat around four times a day. From 12-24 weeks, around three times per day, and within a half-year, we cut it back to two meals until the adult.

How do I calculate how much Raw Food to feed my dog?    

How do I calculate how much Raw Food to feed my dog?    

This calculator is meant to be used as an indication only. Please pay attention to your pet’s weight and physical appearance as they adjust to their food.

What if my dog goes off Raw Food or becomes fussy?

If your dog starts to become uneasy or stop eatingCanine Raw Food, it’s usually an indication that they are overfeeding. If this is the case, you should reduce the amount of food you give your dog (in certain circumstances, it could mean that the dog isn’t consuming more than 2 percent of its entire body weight in nutrition) or contact us for guidance.

Note that the high-quality ProDog Raw’s quality ProDog Raw is such that it’s common to find dogs who require more than two percent in their weight to eat. This is a frequent mistake that owners make when starting Canine Raw Food. Be aware that quality is more important than quantity when using ProDog!

How does giving treats work with raw dog feeding?

Be aware that treats must be included in the total daily allowance for food and not as an addition. Be mindful that the nutrients in these freeze-dried dog foods are high enough that dogs may require a minimal amount of food compared to a processed amount of feed.

Raw-fed dogs tend to act more naturally and are self-regulating regarding food. They eat to satisfy their cravings. A wild dog will not have a regular diet but is far from it.

Therefore, if your dog decides to skip meals, do not be worried so long as they seem healthy and well-behaved. If you have questions or need help with any of these and want to speak to our experts, get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.


If you follow this general rule of thumb, the dog will be well-nourished if you regularly alter the food amount. Make sure you provide the right amount of protein – delicious raw dog food with healthy vitamins and nutrition appropriate for your dog’s energy levels and digestion capabilities. As with all things, consult a vet before implementing any new diet.

FAQ Section :

How much Raw Food should I feed my 35-pound dog?

These are general rules to follow when providing your pet with Canine Raw Food: Active, underweight adult dogs should consume 3 percent of their weight in pounds daily. Senior, less active, overweight adult dogs should consume 1.5 percent of their present weight in pounds daily.

How much Raw Food should I feed my 40-pound dog?

An ideal starting base is 2.5 percent in body weight. If your dog weighs 40 pounds, must keep weight on track, and is active, it will require about 2.5 percent of his food. That’s 1 pound. You can feed it in one go or feed half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening.

What do I need to know about raw dog food?

A raw diet typically comprises organ meats, muscle meat, ground or whole bones, raw eggs, pet-safe fresh vegetables and fruits, and dairy products like yogurt. Canine Raw Food advocates offer these advantages: shiny coats, healthy skin, better dental health, greater energy levels, and less stools.

Can you mix raw and kibble?

This is the facts about mixing both ingredients: yes, you can make it happen! It’s highly recommended to include raw foods in any way you can, even in small amounts.

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