How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?

How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?

How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?

If you have more than one dog, you could have come upon the trouble of one dog ingesting the opportunity’s meals. This can stand up because one dog has tons less of an urge for food than the opposite and leaves his meals to your other dog to ease up, or certainly, one of your puppies can be dominant over the alternative and takes the extra submissive dog’s meals. 

This affects one dog getting too much food and one dog not getting enough. If you’re questioning how to save your dog from ingesting out of the other’s dish, examine these STEPS to position and quit the problem once and for all.

How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?

How to forestall your dog from eating food out of your other dog?

That’s now not continuously feasible even though, so here’s what to do when you have more puppies living at home, and you want to save your meals stealing. Lowering down the internet page, I explain how to address traveling puppies and the stealing of every exclusive’s meal.

Step 1 – Supervise feeding time

 Supervise feeding time

For this artwork, you’ll need to dedicate loads of time striking out with your dogs at mealtimes. Every time the puppies have a meal, fill up both bowls without the animals being a gift in the room.

Once finished, bring within the dog that has been stealing the food. Allow him to eat without interruption. If he starts off evolved to transport in the direction of the second bowl, begin step 2.

Step 2 – Reinforce bowl ownership

Reinforce bowl ownership

Step in between the dog and the second bowl. Use your body as a guard to preserve him away. Even deliver him a chunk push if he needs help understanding properly away. Use your phrases and commands that he’s aware of.

For instance, say “leave it” in a smooth, company voice. Please do not say something else not to confuse him. Continue this until the dog stops looking to borrow from the other dog’s meals bowl.

Step 3 – Rewards for the proper conduct

Step 3 – Rewards for the proper conduct

Once the dog has stopped searching to scouse borrow your one-of-a-kind dog meals, deliver him plenty of rewards. Pet him and supply him with a deal.

At this thing, take him out of the room and convey the opposite dog in. Let the opportunity dog eat his food as he commonly would possibly.

Step 4 – Repeat the approach

 Repeat the approach

This is only sometimes a one-time remedy for this shape of behavior. You will need to do the same thing over and over for weeks until the first dog stops looking to steal from the other dog’s meal bowl.

Hiring a dog sitter is worth it if you no longer have enough time to determine this. You can explain what you are trying to do and ask them to keep the training.

Step 5 – Let them consume together

Let them consume together

Finally, it is time to appear if the training has worked to forestall the dog stealing the opposite’s food. To try this, feed every puppy at the same time inside the identical region.

Stand close by and be prepared to intrude if the first dog goes for the other bowl of meals. If this takes location, use the “depart it” command.

Why your dog ingest food from your different dog?

your dog is hungry:

If your dog is hungry, he can steal meals from extraordinary dogs, a perfect way to stay to inform the tale. In this situation, the first-rate solution is to feed your dog extra often so he doesn’t feel hungry.

your dog is jealous:

If your dog is jealous of different puppies within the domestic, he might also moreover try and thieve their food so that it will get attention. In this case, you want to offer your dog more interest and love, so he doesn’t revel in jealousy.

your dog wants what the other dog has:

If your dog sees any other dog ingesting a few aspects, he might also need it. In this situation, you need to provide your dog with his meals and water dishes, so he doesn’t need to borrow meals from different dogs.


Dogs stealing food from each one-of-a-kind can be a common problem. However, it’s far one that can be resolved with a few clean steps. By understanding the difficulty, setting apart your puppies when consuming, schooling your dog no longer to steal food, and providing lots of meals for all dogs, you could prevent this conduct. Thanks for reading!


What triggers dogs to be aggressive?

Aggression in puppies may be because of guarding territory, assets, or a family member; worry; frustration; prey drive; or pain. In all those conditions, a dog may be driven to ways and transition briefly from reactive, worried, or guarding behaviors to being competitive.

Why does my dog always want what my other dog has?

Resource custody among puppies is very common and regular conduct. Dogs are pre-programmed to no longer need to proportion treasured assets with others. Resources for pet puppies can also encompass food, toys, or perhaps the proprietor’s interest. … The emotion at the back of the conduct is normally fear.

How can I train my dog not to steal food?

Teach your dog now not to take food left unattended. The command “depart it” or something similar will tell them they are not allowed to touch the meals. As schooling progresses, you may place meals or treats interior your dog achieves and inform them to “leave it” till you’re saying they may be capable of taking it.

How do I get my dog to stop eating my food?

Another solid command for training your doggy is “go away it.” In that manner, if you entice him to grab a few issues he shouldn’t have (or he manages to get them), “leave it” will keep him from consuming it. This is particularly essential in case your dog has stolen some element potentially dangerous to him.

Should I punish my dog for food aggression?

It’s moreover crucial to recall that you ought to in no way punish a dog for meal aggression. Instead, use the powerful reinforcement techniques mentioned within the courses above. This also can be an excellent time to call in a dog trainer. Check out the AKC’s manual for locating a certified teacher.

How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food? How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?How to stop a dog from eating other dogs food?

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