How do Dogs Get Mangoworms?

How do Dogs Get Mangoworms?

Mango worms may not be the most well-known parasite for dogs. However; they can create an infestation and you don’t even know that you are suffering! So here I will explain How do Dogs Get Mangoworms and its effects.

What Exactly Are MangoWorms?

Mangoworms are the larvae of¬†Cordylobia hematophagy. In general terms, this bug is referred to in the guise of the “human-eater” mango fly. However; the worms do not only affect humans. Mango worms may affect all the animals , including dogs.

How do Dogs Get Mangoworms?

How do Dogs Get Mangoworms?

We will discuss how Do Dogs Get Mango Worms. Dogs Get Mango Worms by:

1: Digging

Most of the time, dogs contract the mango worm disease by digging into the ground outdoors in tropical regions. The eggs and fruit flies’ larvae can be placed on the ground. They are both sticky, making it easy for them to join with your pet.

2: Laying on Ground

Mango flies typically lay their eggs close to the surface of the soil. Therefore, if your dog sleeps in the open, it may lie on eggs. This risk is more likely during the summer heat, as the larvae become more mobile.

3: Flystrike

Flystrike is among the more uncommon ways dogs contract this parasite. Adult mango fly flies lay eggs directly on the dog’s skin. Dogs with injuries such as open wounds are particularly vulnerable to this process because it is easier for flies to infiltrate their skin.

4: Damp Bedding

Another method to let your dog get mango flies, is to allow it to sleep on moist and filthy bedding. Female flies can lay eggs on your dog’s bedding, which can cause an infection.

 Luckily, there is an easy solution to this issue. First, hang the wet clothes out to dry. Then, ensure you wash your pet’s bedding; it is not a good idea to return it to your pet when it’s still damp.

What Are the Symptoms of Mango Worms in Dogs?

How to Get Rid of Mango Worms in Dogs?

Mango worms can be difficult to detect immediately, because the larvae easily enter the host and are frequently in the host undetected until they’re ready to move on. There are however; several ways to recognize an ongoing infection. Be sure to watch your dog for indicators like:

1: Incessantly biting and scratching

The appearance of boils that resemble pimples on the dog’s skin .

2: He was behaving strangely

Be aware that these symptoms can signify a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, the only way to determine the cause of your dog is to schedule appointments with your vet.

How to Get Rid of Mango Worms in Dogs?

You have some options if you’re looking to eliminate the gruesome worms as fast as possible. They include:

  • Worm suffocation
  • Pimple popping
  • Antibiotics

1: Worm Suffocation

To kill insects and push them to go, you have to remove the top of the boiling or pimp, after which you cover the pimp with Vaseline or oil.

This forces them to discover a different escape method because they can’t breathe. If they burst out of another hole, grab and destroy them. Because the pimples and boils are concentrated in one spot, this is an excellent alternative if you want to tackle it.

2: Pimple Popping

It’s similar to the method previously described, but you cut the pimple’s top before using tweezers to grasp the worm and remove it. Be sure to get all the worms out, as it won’t do anything, even if you leave some leftovers. It could increase the issue or even cause complications by causing the possibility of a bacterial infection!

3: Antibiotics

For clarity, the antibiotics prescribed by your vet are mandatory. If you choose to choose one of those alternatives, you’ll require prescription medication from your veterinarian to be sure you kill these parasites. You can also have your doctor remove the worms or recommend treatment at home.

How can dogs be protected From Mango Worms?

Fortunately, a mango worm infestation can be prevented by limiting the chances of your dog coming in contact with soil contaminated by flies.

Below are a few methods to stop mango worms from settling into your dog’s skin.

  • Observe your dog
  • Beware of areas that are contaminated.
  • Apply an insect repellent
  • Cleanse `bedding with hot water
  • Get rid of rotting fruit.
  • Make sure to bathe your dog.


As you can see, mango worms on dogs aren’t fatal pests. However, they are hazardous and cause discomfort for your pet. Therefore, you must be cautious and follow every precaution to ensure your dog doesn’t become infected. If your dog is infected, seek veterinary care immediately to stop the spread of the infection.


Can Mango Worms Kill a Dog?

The fact is that, without treatment the mango worms may occasionally kill dogs. Even when the worms do not kill dogs, they could cause serious health issues depending on where they attach.

If they latch near the eye, it could cause your dog to go blind or lose its eyes. If they can latch onto the feet, the disease could permanently cause dogs to lose a few claws.

Mango Worms are different from Mango Flies – are they identical?

Larvae of mango flies can also be referred to as mango worms. These are parasites. Mango flies can also be called”the skin maggot fly” the tube fly or Putzi Fly.

Can puppies get mango worms?

If your puppy sleeps, rolls, or walks on polluted soil, you can catch mango worms. The puppy shown of mango worms at just three weeks old.

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