How do dogs know how to open doors?

How do dogs know how to open doors?

The dog can be taught some behaviors that can improve the lives of the owners they care about. for instance, opening the door is only one of many things they can learn. Unfortunately, this isn’t a normal practice and is difficult for smaller breeds of dogs. However; service dogs typically, the size of a Labrador size dog can easily learn to open doors. There are many reasons How do dogs know how to open doors. But, there are a few options to identify the root cause. There are certain things you can do to address it.

How Do Dogs Open Doors?

Dogs can be very imaginative when they are opening doors. Most dogs can open a door that’s been opened a bit by nudges on the tiny opening using their noses or paws.

Other dogs are competent in opening shut doors with the help of the knob. It could require different levels of expertise based on the kind of knob used for the door. When using door levers, they’ll use their paws to pull the lever down, then use their other paw (or their nose) and press them open.

If they use regular knobs for doors, you’ll need to play with the knob so that eventually, they turn it incorrectly and in a way that they can disengage the door and then open it.

Then you’ll find amazing stories about dogs being capable of opening the most modern locks, such as deadbolt locks.

Why Do Dogs Open Doors?

It’s a great question and an important one, too. Understanding what drives your dog to let doors open is crucial to tackling the root of the issue you can get to the root of the issue.

There are a variety of possible causes why dogs become obsessed with getting doors open.

  • A Matter of Separation Anxiety
  • Idle Paws are a Devil’s Work Shop
  • In Search For a Mate
  • Detection of Critters
  • A Fearful Reaction
  • A Way to Garner Attention

How do dogs know how to open doors?

The animal is standing in the doorway with its back tilted

  • Scratching the dies of the door
  • Making a paw-wagging gesture at the door handle
  • A tail that wags
  • Moving back and back and forth
  • The door is open.
  • Feel free to paw at the door even if the door is a little open.

How to stop my dog from opening doors?

1: Do not encourage the behavior

As mentioned earlier, it could be the dog being taught that its behavior is being rewarded. It is better to encourage your dog when they behave according to how you want them to.

 For example, when they attempt to unlock doors, it might be beneficial to offer them the opportunity to have a “timeout” in a section of the house where it’s difficult to get doors open.

2: Be aware of the reasons your dog might be nervous

If you suspect your dog is experiencing this behavior because of separation anxiety. Identifying the possible reasons for your dog to become anxious without you is helpful. Strategies to reduce anxiety might include:

  • Keeping them in a different area of the house.
  • Taking them to pee.
  • Allowing them to get exercise and eat before leaving the house.

3: Keep your dog in a different place

It is possible to allow your dog to stay in a separate area of the house, where they will feel secure. Most dog owners discover that crate training is effective in accomplishing this.

4: Find a lever lock for your door

There are lever locks for doors available, which will prevent your pet from being able to open doors.


How do dogs learn to unlock doors? If you’re clever and considerate and give your dog the respect it deserves, you can use that curiosity greatly. Your dog will love the possibility of opening her doors. They’ll be able to perform a fun and easy trick that could prove quite beneficial.

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