Why do Dogs lick Other Dogs’ Ears?

Why do Dogs lick Other Dogs' Ears?

Why do dogs lick other dogs’ ears? A dog will often lick another dog’s ears for grooming purposes. Not only is this behavior not harmful, but it can be helpful. Dogs may also lick other dogs’ ears for several different reasons.

They may like the taste, try to self-soothe, or want to say hello. If you have two dogs of the same family member, they can easily join each other and groom. Licking each other’s ears is one method to show that.

If you’ve seen this happening to your dog, read more to learn why dogs lick other dogs’ ears. This is what you should do if your dog does it.

Top 8 reasons why do Dogs Lick Other Dogs’ Ears?

why do Dogs Lick Other Dogs' Ears?

It is easy to think that licking is a sign of grooming. However, there are 8 reasons why do Dogs Lick Other Dogs’ Ears. You can find them all below.

1. They are grooming

Grooming is the main reason dogs will lick each other’s ears.

Dogs will lick their ears to clean themselves. However, dogs cannot physically lick their ears, so they must use the help of another person to clean them.

Doggo friends will help each other dogs by giving them a good ear-cleaning session. This is something we may not appreciate, but it’s something your dog will love.

2. They are treating an injury

Did you know that dogs can detect bacteria infected? Although it is well known that dogs have a higher sense of smell than humans, you might not have known that they are so strong.

Your dog may pick up the smell of an ear infection in another dog. This is because dogs will instinctively lick a disease if they smell it.

This applies to any injury or wound that may occur in another dog’s ear. For example, your dog might lick another dog’s ear to treat a wound.

They could be compulsive.

Your dog could have a Compulsive disorder if they lick too many other dogs’ ears. Compulsive Disorder is when a normal behavior like scratching or licking becomes repetitive and obsessive.

It could be compulsive if your dog licks objects excessively when there are no other dogs around. This behavior should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention to help you assess your dog.

4. They are being affectionate

They are being affectionate

Dogs can show their affection in many ways. Kissing is one of the most common ways to be affectionate with dogs. This refers to licking the dog’s face.

Dogs that lick you or another dog help them bond and release endorphins. It makes them happy, and they want to share their happiness with others.

You might see your dog licking the nose or face of another dog, along with its ears or head. He might also try to show other dogs that he cares about them.

They’re Self-Soothing

Anxiety is often displayed in dogs by excessive licking. This behavior can be more destructive than other signs. It can also indicate that your dog isn’t feeling his best.

Dogs that lick too much are not only prone to excessive licking but also other dogs and people. An anxiety problem may exist if your dog constantly licks other dogs’ ears.

An anxiety-producing factor for dogs is a change in their environment, new pets, loud noises, separation, or new people. Talk to your vet to learn about healthy ways to help your dog deal with anxiety.

They are being submissive

Dogs with less aggressive personalities might lick another dog’s ears to show respect. Your dog is showing respect for a dominant dog by doing this.

When paired with other submissive behaviors, like:

  • Showing your underbelly
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Tail tucking
  • Lowering the head/ears

They Are Following Their Instincts

Dogs are domesticated but still retain basic instincts. This means that some tendencies might always remain.

Their mothers took care of dogs from the moment they were born. Their mothers cared for them and fed them. They also licked them.

This behavior is common in dogs and can be carried on into adulthood. They are simply showing the same behavior towards other dogs as their parents.

They may be bonding

Did you know that the nerve endings in a dog’s ears can be stimulated? This is because pheromones are released by stimulating these nerve endings. These chemicals can affect the behavior of dogs. For example, dogs that lick other dogs’ ears can trigger them and create a bonding experience.

Top 3 Dangers of Dogs Licking Dogs’ Ear

Top 3 Dangers of Dogs Licking Dogs' Ear

1: It Can Anger Other Dogs

Your dog might be a happy little ear-licker, but other dogs may not find it endearing. Dogs can be picky about where they can go, particularly about their faces and private spaces.

If your dog is prone to grabbing at the ears or trying to get in on other dogs, you must be careful. This is especially true when you are around other dogs, such as those you do not know, in places like the vet or dog park.

Unintentionally causing an issue for another dog could be the result of your dog. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how aggressive a dog can be.

2: It can cause infections

You may wonder how dog saliva could cause an infection. Although saliva can protect wounds from infection and prevent them from becoming infected, excessive moisture in a dog’s ear is the main cause of ear infections.

If your dog continues to lick the ears of another dog, it could lead to an ear infection. In addition, it can cause serious problems if the moisture in his saliva is trapped in an animal’s ear.

3: Your dog may swallow medication

Your dog may swallow medication

You’re bound to encounter other dogs when you go to places like the vet or the dog park.

Some dogs might take medication for their ears, such as topical treatments. However, you don’t want your dog to swallow any topical medication, especially if you don’t know what it might be.

How to stop ear-licking behavior?

Dogs communicate with each other by licking their ears. This could be a sign of fear, insecurity, or boredom. These tricks will help keep your pet’s ears from being licked by other dogs.

  • Dogs should be praised for good behavior. You should praise them for their good behavior and show love when they do something.
  • Give your dog something to do. Give your pet something to do with their mouths, rather than their ears, if they get bored.
  • Use a squirt bottle. Spray water on your pet’s face to make them uncomfortable about kissing.


Dogs make great pets. Dogs are loyal and affectionate. They make us feel great. But unfortunately, dogs can be destructive and hard to manage.

Dogs that are not properly trained can cause real problems. What can you do to help your dog? Please find the best training method for your dog, and reward them for good behavior.

There are many training methods that you can use to train your dog. One of the best is positive reinforcement training. This rewards your dog for doing good and not punishing them when they behave badly.

FAQ: Why do dogs lick other dogs’ ears?

Why Do Female Dogs Lick Male Dogs’ Ears?  

Male dogs will lick the ears of female dogs to show affection, love, grooming, and love. But, unfortunately, they are often too friendly with male dogs. This behavior is known as flagging, and female dogs use it to attract male dogs.

Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s ears?

Your dog might suddenly start licking the ears of your other dog. This could signify that your dog has learned to reward the behavior or become submissive.

 Is it okay if my dog licks a lot?  

There is no definitive solution to this problem. It is best to let your dog lick infrequently. Too much licking can lead to problems in the mouth due to dirt getting in. Your dog should be allowed to lick nice things.

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